Plants-Shovel-icon-kWinter Planting

Although it's getting colder and the days are getting shorter, there is still so much you can do in your garden to add vibrancy and life. There are many places you can plant flowers to add colour to your garden. Here are our top tips for creating a beautiful winter garden...


By the front or back door, and windows 

Provide seasonal cheer whenever you step outside by placing some winter gems by the entrance of your home.


In pots on the patio 

Pots and containers supply instant colour and delight. Group pots together for even more impact.


Beside paths 

You can enjoy your plants each time you walk through your garden by placing them by by paths.


In a winter border 

A whole bed or border of winter plants will provide a blanket of colour and impact. Or have a winter cameo, surrounded by evergreens, lamiums or brunnea and bulbs scattered throughout.


Informal hedge 

Winter plants can also be used as a short screen between areas in your garden. Evergreens such as elaegnus, ivy and holly can also be used to create a boundary hedge. Winter flowering honeysuckle, viburnum x bodnantense or chimonanthus could also be used.


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