Tomatoes are very popular to grow....

They take up very little room and even people without a garden manage to grow a few in pots and tubs.

The biggest reason for their popularity must be that shop bought tomatoes bear very little resemblance to home grown varieties. They are relatively easy and this short guide will help you avoid making any mistakes that could ruin your crop.

A perfectly ripe home grown tomato, eaten sun-warm from the bush, really is unrecognisable from the ones you buy in the shops. Whether you grow tomatoes outside or under glass, time spent caring for them will pay dividends.

Tomatoes can be riskier grown outside rather than in a greenhouse. But you will still have good success if you choose to grow a cherry tomato variety in a sheltered location with direct sun. A tomato Gro-house is the best of both worlds.

Check out our guide page below, with tips for growing tomatoes...