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Our growing tunnels are a riot of colour with hundreds of hanging baskets for sale at any moment in time

We are sure you will not find better, but if you insist on getting personal - then here is a guide to help

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Start with good quality potting compost and preferably a large basket because it will need less watering.

Rest the basket on a bucket so that the side plants hang down as you plant them.


Line the basket with moss to halfway up the sides, you can use a liner but then it’s a good idea to place a plant saucer in the base to help conserve water.

Half fill the basket with potting compost making sure it is moist that way it doesn’t sag down and compact when you water the final basket. If you use a potting compost with water retaining granules and slow release fertiliser you shouldn’t need to feed for the first couple of months of the growing season.


Plant a mix of foliage and flowering plants (say three of each). Gently push small plants from the outside through the gaps in the side of the basket taking care not to damage their roots.

Tip; Carefully tap the plant out of its pot then cover the soil and roots with a small plastic bag when pulling through.


Top up with potting compost then add in the remaining plants, starting with one large plant in the centre and working outwards with smaller plants.

Water thoroughly and protect from bright sunlight for a week or so before putting in position.


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Show off to your friends and neighbours and tell them how difficult it is to do.