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Add glamour and stunning exotic colour to your garden this Summer

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If you like touch of glamour in your garden – then you should consider summer flowering bulbs.



There is a large array of colours and varieties of summer-flowering bulbs available to buy in pre-pack forms at this time of year so it is easy to get carried away.

The term bulb; is a very general term for a group of plants that can be grown from dormant bulbs, corms, tubers and rhizomes. Gardener’s favourites are begonias, dahlias and Canna lilies.

We stock many of the popular bulb ranges, but also supply more unusual varieties so you will discover some bulbs you’ve never seen before.



Many of the classy summer flowering bulbs should be planted early spring.

Many summer flowering bulbs are tender exotics and will be more successful planted in pots of compost rather than directly into the garden. They enjoy warm growing conditions, so to get ahead you can start them off in a large pot in a light, bright place inside such as a greenhouse or conservatory and when frosts are over, choose a sunny, sheltered spot outside.



Hurry!… the more unusual varieties tend to sell out early.