Summer Flowers

Summer is one of the most beautiful times of year for the garden, full of beautiful colour. Here are our favourite summer flowers.

aster-pink bahamas


This low maintenance flower has bright blooms in a number of varieties, and attracts butterflies. They are a beautiful summer flower.



Perfect companions in the flower border and add a glamorous edge to the display. They come in a combination of old fashioned shapes, pastel colours and many have a rich perfume.



Beautiful blooms that last all summer. A number of different varieties of colour, Coreopsis is a hassle free summer flower.



Echinacea has rich pink coloured blooms of daisy-like flowers. Flowering from summer till early autumn, this plant will provide some beautiful colour for your garden, while being easy to grow and maintain.

Dahlia-1 (2)


Dahlias add beautiful colour to your garden, with blooms in symmetrical balls with brightly coloured petals. There are many different varieties, growing to different heights and sizes.


Penstemon Palmeri 

This plant is ideal for the sunny season, with bright tube or cone shaped flowers. Known as ‘beardtongue’ or ‘snapdragon’, Penstemon prefers to be planted in mass, but be careful not to overcrowd the bed. They tend to grow up to 3ft tall!



Achillea is one of the best flowers to plant this summer. It is a great flower filler, and can adapt to the weather. It required minimal care and has beautiful bright yellow blooms.