Rudbeckia, August plant of the month



Our August plant of the month is Rudbeckia;

They are indispensable in the garden because their bright yellow large daisy like flowers are warmly welcomed when the days begin to shorten and we need all the sunshine that we can get.



They are a beautiful summer flowering plant with yellow and gold flowers offset with black or purple centres and give best effect when planted in masses in a border



Some gardeners can be rather snooty about yellow and admittedly I used to be one of them. But yellow is the colour of spirituality and by this argument Rudbeckia certainly has a claim to be one of the most spiritual of plants.



Its flowers are certainly among the most yellow and open during August and continue until the end of October or early November. Even in low sunlight flower follows flower until the entire plant glows. Most Rudbekia’s are tough plants and thrive on most soil types with adequate moisture.



As an alternative annual Rudbeckia are rewarding plants to grow from seed. Sow seed thinly in trays in spring, prick out individually and pot on once, so that plants are sizeable when planted out in May or June.