Plant of the Month January

Helleborus Niger - The Christmas Rose


Helleborus Niger 

H. niger (the Christmas rose) is a vigorous plant with bold evergreen foliage and white flowers. It’s one of the more vigorous and resilient of hellebores and will do well in dry shade, especially if watered and fed after planting to help it settle in.


Why Hellebores? 

Every garden needs hellebores and this time of year almost every magazine and TV programme is championing them – and quite right too. There are now many different kinds so it is sometimes perplexing to know which ones to buy and where to grow them.


A wonderful array of varieties 

If you are looking for alternative varieties; Our advice – choose plants in flower so that you can pick exactly the ones you like.

There are hellebores for just about every situation in the garden. And sometimes they will give you a surprise by self-sowing in the most unlikely places – such in cracks in the patio paving, in gravel driveways or even in rough grass. Enjoy them anywhere.