Leafs-icon-kPlant of the Month October

Nandina Domestica is plant of the month for October


Nandina Flower 

The compact form of the heavenly bamboo is one of the best all-round small garden shrubs.

It is important to note that Heavenly Bamboo Plants are completely unrelated to Bamboo. This common name comes only from it’s resemblance to bamboo with its fine lacy foliage and the cane-like growth pattern of the plant.



What makes Heavenly Bamboo special is the colour it provides in the garden during all four seasons of the year.

In the spring, the new foliage emerges as bright bronzed red, and is soon followed by large, panicles of creamy white flowers early in the summer.

Clusters of bright green berries replace the flowers and by late summer the berries will ripen to a bright red.

At this time of year the colour begins to change to shades of pink and red, finally to end the year with bright red leaves and berries.

Plants can be kept to a very compact size by pruning which makes it an excellent choice for container planting in entryways and patios or alternatively freely develop in feature plantings


Alternatively - Callicarpa 

The bright purple berries will remain on the plant after the foliage drops providing a beautifully contrasting effect in the garden during the winter months.


Alternatively - Skimmia Rubella 

A compact, low-maintenance plant that grows in shade, looks good all year, has fragrant flowers and is wildlife-friendly.