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Potatoes are easy and very satisfying to grow. Check out our list of varieties at the foot of the page.

Potatoes are easy and very satisfying to grow. There is a wide selection of varieties available to choose from varying in colour, shape, size, cooking quality. These varieties are normally categorised according to harvest and sowing times commonly known as first earlies, second earlies, maincrop and salad varieties.

It is important that potatoes are grown from tubers that are certified free from virus and desease. We sell them in handy pre-packed varieties ideal for container growing and where space is limited or in 2kg nets which are perfect for planting in larger gardens.

What is Chitting? Chitting is the name given for the process that encourages tubers to sprout before planting. This is not essential other than with early varieties but it will give your potatoes stronger sprouts which is an important factor in a successful crop. During February and March place the seed potatoes in a shallow tray (egg boxes are ideal) with any shoots facing upwards. Position the tray in the light, protect from frost and extreme heat. Chitting should produce sprouts 1.5 - 2.5cm long.

Find our guide to planting and harvesting potatoes below...