Plants-Grass-icon-kMaking Room for Wildlife

...the 'butterfly effect'

The value of your garden goes far beyond a display of plants and flowers and whatever you grow will be home to something. In our gardens we have seen something similar to the 'butterfly effect' where a gentle flap of a butterfly wing could ultimately influence a typhoon, and it has been called the 'hoverfly effect'. Aphids on your roses attract hoverflies to lay eggs, which when hatched feed on the aphids, and these adult hoverflies are then chased by dragonflies who are chased by wagtails who are in turn chased by sparrowhawks. Also, these aphids attract ants which are eaten by frogs, green woodpeckers and spiders. So why not make more room for wildlife in your garden?

Check out our guide page below, for tips on making room for wildlife in your garden...