inthehome-kNeptune Accessories

Neptune accessories have gravitated towards timeless designs that embrace the old and the new and have found a way of weaving together tradition and innovation in a subtle way to make your home feel up to date and individual.


The tableware which includes dinnerware, glassware, cutlery and table linens is tactile, elegant and practical. Each plate, glass and spoon is pleasing to the eye, soft to touch and robust in it’s design.


The decorative accessories range includes candles, candlesticks, photo frames, vases, flowers, glass jars and ornaments. It’s all in the detail with this range, from the soft silhouette of magnolia blossom to the reflective shimmer of a group of candlesticks; these elements really complete a room. They are a stylish narrative of beautiful shapes, colours and textures that make each space feel fresh, seasonal and wonderfully inviting.


Neptune have created a stunning range of beautiful furnishings to make your home more comfortable, practical and stylish. The elegant ladders and stunning collection of mirrors, fabrics, baskets and rugs, use a soft palette of natural materials, soft colours and warm textures to make your home even more irresistible.


Lighting is often the most underestimated, yet the most important consideration in your home. The best lighting scheme mimics the natural dappled light you can see in your garden. It creates tone through light and shade and a subtle warmth to each room. Neptune give you a beautiful selection of table, wall and pendant lights that will help achieve this.