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Calling all cat lovers!

Knights Pet Barn has everything you need for the best cat care possible, and is committed to ensuring your cat enjoys its life to the full.



We provide a range of products, specialist advice and a personal ordering facility to help you keep your cat healthy and happy. We can give you guidance on food and behaviour related problems and we stock everything from cat beds to health supplements. We have a full range of stylish cat collars with either an emergency release clip or elasticated insert for safety.



All cats benefit from a regular grooming regime and this provides an ideal time to check for any health problems or perhaps missed injuries. Short haired cats will mostly take care of their own grooming but it is important to brush them to help lessen hairballs forming. Long coated cats need a daily grooming session to help stop ‘matts’ accumulating as they can cause the skin to become sore and often will require veterinary attention for removal.



Pickle our resident ginger ‘cheeky chappy’ is usually around to greet everyone, our local vet tells us he is the most famous cat in Oxted and is often found riding around on somebody’s shoulder, often a customers!