Here at Knights Pet Barn we have an unrivalled selection of dog care, food and snacks, all designed to keep your dog looking and feeling healthy by ensuring a balanced diet. This is complimented by a huge range of accessories to help your dog look stylish too, including coats collar and leads.



The arrival of a new puppy is an exciting time and the right toys are necessary for your puppy to develop. Toys keep their mind stimulated, encourage interaction and are a fun way to develop obedience. We have a large selection of products to keep your puppy and older dog amused indoors and outdoors.



Knights Pet Barn caters to your every need, from dog beds to kennels to health products and toiletries. We are on hand to help and provide all you need to ensure your dog has the best life possible. Remember the right care is essential with regular eye, ear and dental checks as well as regular treatment for fleas and worms.