peticon-bMarine Fish

We specialise in marine fish and invertebrates and have a full range of aquariums, salts, skimmers and all equipment needed to keep marine species.



Marine fish are instantly more attractive than freshwater, but although both involve a certain level of care and maintenance keeping marines requires a greater need for an understanding of their environment.



If you are starting out, or have a limited fish keeping experience, we will help you to understand and consider these differences before you make your choice.



Customers often ask if marines are difficult or take time, the simple answer is that marine tanks can take less or more time but this depends on the complexity of your tank setup and the types of livestock you want to keep.

A ‘fish only’ tank will require a similar amount of maintenance to any other tank whereas marine ‘reef’ tank, containing a full range of fish corals and shrimps will require considerably more care than a freshwater tank.

If you are an experienced fishkeeper or a novice thinking about trying a marine aquarium why not call in for a chat and some advice.