At Knights Aquatics you find all you need in order to design create and maintain beautiful garden ponds. Being water garden specialists we can supply everything for both enthusiasts and professionals. We know from experience which products will ensure success and offer reliable performance.



It is important that you keep your pond water and fish in perfect condition and we stock pond treatments and remedies from the worlds leading manufacturers. Water test kits and adjusters check the water conditions and ensure the water quality has the right balance to keep your fish healthy. Water conditioners remove harmful chemicals while green water clarifiers and blanket weed treatments keep away unwanted suffocating plant life.



We offer a range of pond pumps for waterfalls, fountains and filters in a variety of power outputs from top brands including PondOne and Libel. Continuous running and reliability is important for good filtration and it is important that you choose a pump with the correct features for your situation. We will offer guidance and advice ensuring you select exactly the right pump for your pond.



We are also plant experts and offer a wide range of aquatic plants, compost and equipment for an attractive landscaped and well balanced water garden.