peticon-bTropical Fish

Knights Aquatics have the largest selection of fish in the area with over 50 aquariums stocked with quality Tropical fish and cold water fish from Loach and Tetras to fancy goldfish. We always keep good stocks of popular species together with many rare and unusual fish and tropical plants.



Tropical fish are popular aquarium fish, due to their often bright coloration which typically derives from iridescence. There are many varieties of species and most require a specialist aquarium set-up. We normally advise keeping fish from the same regions of the world together for example African Cichlids are native of lake Malawi or Tanganyika prefer hard water with an alkaline pH, whereas New world Cichlids originate from Amazon streams and prefer soft acidic water.



We have a comprehensive range of top brand aquariums from start-up tanks to tailor made systems for the enthusiast. Our experienced staff will advise on the ideal aquarium for your situation, we also have close links with maintenance companies who can service your aquarium and keep it in peek condition.



Almost every home is suitable for a fish tank but its positioning will have a significant effect on how successful your aquarium will be. Firstly avoid direct sunlight because it will drain your fish of colour and encourage growth of algae. Secondly avoid doors and radiators because fluctuations in temperature may stress your fish. It is also a good idea to site away from televisions and loudspeakers because sound vibrations will also cause stress. Above all Remember a fish tank full of water is extremely heavy and re-positioning is not easy so take time when deciding on your location.