Christmas At Knights

Discover Enchanting Christmas at Knights Garden Centre

At Knights Garden Centre, we welcome the festive season with open arms, and our Christmas offerings at both our Ngas Hall in Godstone and Betchworth locations are nothing short of magical. Get ready to be captivated by our enchanting Christmas themes and a wide array of delightful products and activities to make your holiday season truly special.

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Christmas Themes

  1. Santa's Bakery - Gingerbread Delight (White, Silver, Reds, and Bronze)

    Step into Santa's Bakery, where the air is filled with the sweet aroma of gingerbread. Our festive decorations in white, silver, reds, and bronze hues will transport you to a cozy bakery wonderland.

  2. Winter Morning - Frosty Elegance (White, Silver, Pink, and Blue)

    Embrace the serenity of a winter morning with a frosty landscape, reindeer, and a holiday cottage. Here, you'll find a peaceful atmosphere adorned with cozy blankets and flickering candles in shades of white, silver, pink, and blue.

  3. All About Stars - Under the Starry Sky (White, Silver, and Bronze)

    Dine under the starry sky in a classical setting with minimalist furnishings and a stylish table setting. Let the stars be your guide in an ambiance adorned with white, silver, and bronze accents.

  4. Festive Ballroom - Romantic Elegance (White, Gold, Peach, Pink, and Green)

    Experience the ultimate in romantic ambiance with our Festive Ballroom theme. We use gold and pastel colors to create an uber-romantic atmosphere adorned with white, gold, peach, pink, and green tones.

  5. Fantasy - Rainbow Fun (White, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, and Green)

    Immerse yourself in a world of rainbow fun reminiscent of a day at the Christmas fair. Our Fantasy theme features decorations in white, red, pink, purple, blue, and green for a vibrant and joyful feel.

  6. Mystery Moon - Magical VIP Experience (Blue, Purple, Mauve, and Gold)

    Get ready for a cocktail bar feel with our Mystery Moon theme. Imagine Christmas shopping during a magical VIP evening surrounded by jeweled baubles. This theme features blue, purple, mauve, and gold colors.

  7. Fairy Forest - Woodland Magic (Greens, Pinks, and Bronze)

    Explore the enchanting world of elves, toadstools, fungi, and woodland creatures in our Fairy Forest theme. Enjoy a palette of greens, pinks, and bronze that will transport you to a magical woodland realm.

  8. Christmas on Stage - Art Deco Extravaganza (White, Pink, Gold, Green, and Red)

    Step into a night at a wonderful art deco theatre, including the iconic Nutcrackers. Our Christmas on Stage theme boasts glittering golden trophy accents and a color scheme of white, pink, gold, green, and red.

In addition to our captivating themes, we offer an array of festive products and activities:

  • Wide range of gonks - soft toys and cushions
  • Gisela Graham candles, tea light holders, and candlesticks
  • Wrendale Christmas range
  • Artificial trees, including plain, pre-lit, and fiber optic options
  • Abundance of indoor and outdoor lights
  • Wreaths and garlands
  • Christmas cards, wrapping paper, ribbon, and tags
  • Cottage Delight range of delectable holiday foods
  • Bon Bon sweets range

Please note that while many of these enchanting items are available in-store, some may not be sold on our webshop. Baubles, tree decorations, sweets, chocolates, and food items are some examples of items available exclusively in our physical stores.

Embrace the spirit of the season with Knights Garden Centre, where Christmas comes to life in all its enchanting glory. Visit us at both our Ngas Hall in Godstone and Betchworth locations to experience the wonder of the holidays like never before.