Growing Dahlias since 1945

“They were long days out in the Walled Garden Dahlia Field, but I remember it as if it was almost yesterday". The dahlias were planted out in alphabetical order in long beds so you could walk up and down each row to marvel at each and every flower, So many dahlias in one place! Spiky ‘cactus’ flowers, tight little pompons or fully double giant decorative beauties, all ready to be cut and enjoyed by the local community.

The Dahlia field has disappeared but our love for these strikingly colourful and versatile plants remains to this day. How can these blooms fail to lift your spirits?
They create such a dramatic show and next to daffodil bulbs, they’re perhaps the easiest plants to grow, so come on! Now is your chance!
Check out our range and get inspired - Spiky ‘cactus’ flowers, tight little pompons or fully double decorative, you decide how bold you want to be.


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Dahlia Growing Guide

I've got my tuber, What next?

If you want to strong plants, it’s a good idea to plant them in a pot and put them on a windowsill or in your greenhouse and give them a bit of water. You will need to keep them moist until they are planted out. (Of course, you can simply plant out the dormant tubers in the Spring when the risk of frost has gone).


During May you need to select a sunny part of the garden. The plant will grow to 4 ft tall and will need an area of about 2ft square. Put a stake in the centre of your 'plot' and then dig a hole next to the stake just a bit deeper than the pot the plant is in. Water the plant before taking it out of the pot and planting it in the hole, then tie the main stem of the plant loosely to the stake with a bit of string.