Dog Policy


Indoor and Outdoor Retail Areas

Well behaved dogs are welcome in both the indoor and outdoor retail areas, but they must be on short leads. Please do not allow your dog to approach other customers, especially children, or the store cat. Likewise, do not approach, or allow your children to approach a dog without asking consent from the owner first.


Coffee Shop and Restaurant

Only Assistance dogs are permitted inside the restaurant or coffee shop. However, well behaved dogs are welcome to join you on the patio areas.


Dog Fouling

If you bring your dog onto the site, you must be responsible for your dog’s fouling.

• Clear up your dog’s solid waste if they foul any area, including the car park, and deposit in an outside bin. If you do not have a poo bag with you, a member of staff can provide one for you. Please also contact a member of staff so that they can disinfect the area.

• For any other fouling that cannot be cleared with a poo bag, please contact a member of staff immediately so that they can clean the area.


Thank you for your cooperation