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Searching for a garden centre that offers all you want and need? Come see for yourself and visit us at Knights Garden Centre! We are the proud owners of 10 different locations, all listed down below. 

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Knights Garden Centre Betchworth

Our top selling categories and products

At Knights Garden Centre we only strive for the best quality products. We will list our top 3 favorite categories and products, chosen by our customers: 


Garden furniture might be one of the most important components in your garden. They have the potential to turn a boring garden into a welcoming garden. Making you want to take place outside instead of staying inside. There are many different styles of garden furniture, and of course the materials vary a lot. Depending on the effort you are willing to put into cleaning them, and the vibe you want to create.  Our range of houseplants is wide, and we only sell the best quality plants. Not only do we sell the plants themself, but also some fine pottery and plantcare. Our well known Weber BBQs are our next stop. These BBQs have proven to be top tier and one of the best brands in town. Not only because of the BBQs themself, but also because of all the extra tools. When combined they complete the Weber experience. You can either choose for a gas barbecue or a charcoal one for the authentic taste, one thing is for sure. Your dinner will be great. 

Visit our restaurant

When visiting our garden centre, we understand that taking a break might be needed from time to time. For those who need a coffee- or lunch break, we have a great restaurant. Our restaurant is open 7 days a week, and will provide you with the best breakfast, lunch and coffees. Indulge yourself with our warm and cold beverages, and recharge your batteries. This way we can win your heart in two ways; with of course our lovely products and with our good taste in food and drinks. 

Christmas time!

During the holiday season we display all of our greatest Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. Whether you’re looking for something small to add to your collection or looking for a complete new collection, we are the ones you’re looking for! Our Christmas range is wide and displayed in a creative way. Our products are not only nice for the eye, but also very kind to your wallet. 


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