The Environment

Reduce by 75% the amount of peat in what we grow and promote peat free products

Composting 100% of our organic material

Aim for 100% of our packaging to be re-used, recycled or compostable

Peat is a popular ingredient in commercially produced compost, but British bogs are disappearing faster than they can naturally be replenished. At Knights we are continually researching and promoting alternatives to our customers.

We have a target to compost 100% of our organic material. This can then be used around our centres and woodlands

We are determined to achieve a dramatic reduction through a mix of innovation and working with suppliers.

We will promote water saving products and use water recycling on our centres

Continue to reduce consumption of primary raw materials in our buildings

Protect our Wildlife habitats, promote wildlife friendly products and plant wildlife gardens

Water is very precious to us and we are aware that it is a luxury not everyone on the planet shares. We have installed underground tanks and recycle water on all our centres and will continue to monitor how we use water.

Energy is a part of all that we consume. We are working to reduce the amount of energy in transportation and the products we sell. We have been doing that by replacing less efficient equipment, increasing insulation and generating some of our energy on site. We have also been making processes more energy efficient and this includes more basic tasks such as switching off lights and appliances.

We understand that our gardens are crucial as a refuge for wildlife and are committed to reduce the amount of chemicals we use


Promote bee safe products and promote bee friendly plants

We are committed to encouraging our customers to make their gardens a bee paradise