Charity Fundraising

1. Lifelites


Thank you!

Donations over the Christmas period from the VR ride and visiting Santa have been given to our chosen charity - Lifelites

Lifelites work in partnership with every children's hospice in Britain and Ireland to empower children and their families to create cherished memories through innovative assistive technology.

Whether its playing on the Magic Carpet, making music using the Soundbeam equipment or creating art with the astonishing Eyegaze technology, or gaming, these activities help empower inclusing and connection for children across the UK

Thank you for visiting our garden centres over Christmas!



2. Local Donations

£15 has been donated to the Hatchlands Primary School Raffle and St John's Primary School Raffle

£25 has been donated to the Holland Junior School Spring Fair, The Friends of Godstone Primary & Nursery School and St John's C of E School, Caterham

£509.71 has been donated to Moorhouse School in Hurst Green

£118.80 has been donated to The Micklefield School Charity Plant Sale


£30 has been donated to the Leukaemia Care Blood Cancer Charity

£25 has been donated to Cure Leukaemia

£25 has been donated to the Gatton Trust Charity Dinner

£15 has been donated to the Santerpaws Red Lion Charity

£20 has been donated to the Olive Tree Charity

Raffle prizes have been donated to Oxted Rotary, St Catherine's Hospice, Godstone Gardening Club, St Bartholomew's Church in Leigh

£24 other small local donations