Seed Potatoes

Now is the time to plan your vegetable garden for the new year.  Seed Potatoes are now in stock and they need time to sprout before you plant them - this is called chitting. We stock an extensive range of earlies, main crop and salad potatoes, so do some research into the type of potatoes you want to cook and eat and then come in store to choose your varieties.  Speak to our knowledgeable staff, who can advise on how to grow and varieties to choose.

So buy them now and lay them out in trays and when the soil has warmed up outside you can plant them outside, either in the ground or in bags or containers.  Pile the soil up over the sprouted seed potatoes as they grow and once you have done this a few times leave them to sprout green shoots above the soil.  When these start to wither and die back in summer you can start to dig for fresh potatoes to cook indoors.

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