Green Basics Grow House Small Transparent

Green Basics Grow House Small Transparent

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Price £ 5.59
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Green Basics Grow House Small Transparent
Price £ 5.59

Growing your own vegetables and herbs is easy with the green basics grow house by elho. This product is especially designed in combination with the elho growing tray and saucer. This is how you create the best growth result for all plants, herbs and vegetables. An indispensable product during the growth process of your vegetable garden; the seeds and plants will actually grow faster. The hood is equipped with a handy valve, enabling you to regulate the air supply and adjust the temperature. Besides, the hood prevents pests from getting to the young plants and seeds. The grow house is available in three sizes. All products from the green basics collections are made of recycled plastic. You can leave the hood out in the sun without problems. The UV-filter makes sure your plants won’t get damaged. It is easy to maintain and easy to clean. The grow house is weatherproof and fit for temperatures down to -40° Celsius. No problem if you accidentally drop it, because the grow house is unbreakable.


Small = W 23.5 x H 12.5 x D 16.5 cm

Medium = W 35.8 x H 12.9 x D 25.5 cm

Large = W 51 x H 12.7 x D 19.5 cm

XXL = W 74.8 x H 20.3 x D 35.5 cm

Super XXL = W 74.8 x H 22.3 x D 56.6 cm

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