Spring Flowering Bulbs

spring flowering bulbs

When deciding which bulbs to buy, and where to plant them, you might like to draw up a planting plan. Choose a mixture of colours and varieties, and plants of different heights and flowering times to create real interest in your garden.

Planting Plan
It is best to group colours and varieties so one area of your garden is in full bloom, rather than a few single bulbs dotted around. The planting plan will enable you to get the maximum design potential out of your bulbs.

Mix & Match
Flowering bulbs are ideal for mixing with other bulbs or bedding plants in containers, or in garden borders. They are also perfect for planting amongst other plants that may bloom at a different time of year, adding colour to a container or border throughout the year.

The bulbs develop extensive roots, so plant them in well dug soil, and dig to a depth of at least twice their height. If the winters are cold or summers are very dry, plant them slightly deeper. Plant several bulbs in a large hole, making sure they are not touching.

Most bulbs prefer a well-drained position, so if the soil is too wet, place sharp sand in the bottom of the hole. Alternatively if the soil is too dry, improve moisture retention by digging a layer of compost in the bottom of each hole.

How to Plant Them
The leaves and flowers need to die down and feed the bulbs in order to flourish the following year, however they can look unslightly once they start to fade. Avoid this by planting them in a plastic basket in the planting hole. Once they have flowered, lift the basket out and place somewhere inconspicuous until the leaves have died down.