Composting 100% of our organic material

We have a target to compost 100% of our organic material. This can then be used around our centres and woodlands

Composting is all about recycling our green waste and we are currently recycling

  • • 100% of our cooking oil
  • • 100% of our food waste from the restaurant
  • • 100% of our garden green waste
  • • 100% of Christmas Tree that customers return to us after use, which we chip and use for mulching

We are encouraging all our customers to do the same so instead of garden waste ending up in landfill, choose to use local authority recycling schemes or start home composting.

The golden rule in gardening is to put organic matter on, because it improves soil structure, it improves the water holding capacity, improves nutrient retention and feeds the micro-organisms and releases enzymes that promote plant growth.