Move house without damaging your plants

Move house without damaging your plants

Are you wondering how to move house without damaging your plants? It can be a stressful time with all of the packing, unpacking, planning and organising but if you have plants both inside and outside you will need to take a few steps to ensure they will get moved without being broken or even lost. If you plan well in advance, you can tick it off your moving house list and be sure they are in safe hands. Here are our tips to ensure your plants are happy during your move. 

Dry soil can help you move house without damaging your plants 

Moving plants in pots can be heavy work, and if the soil is wet and the pot is large, you may need two people to lift the pot. If you ensure the plants have been well watered in the run-up to the move but not in the previous three or so days, this should minimise water weight and ultimately accidents from the pots being too heavy. If any of your plants desperately need water, try using a mist sprayer instead. 

Move house without damaging your plants by repotting them first 

If any of your plants look like they need more space, going to topple over or in broken pots, make sure they have been repotted and are in good shape before they are transported. This will give them the best chance of survival should there be any accidents, plus it will help them to overcome the shock of moving to a new environment. 

  • Choose a pot that is at least 20% bigger than the current one

  • Fill the bottom of the pot with hydro grains

  • Add potting soil 

  • Place the plant in the new pot

  • Fill up the pot with more potting soil

  • Water 

Pruning will be needed to move house without damaging your plants 

Wayward leaves and stems can get caught on other items and broken so as you repot your plants that is the time to prune them as well. Plants do get shocked when they move house so all of this will put them in an excellent position to thrive when they get there. 

Move house without damaging your plants by using old bags 

Try not to lose any soil and avoid potential damage to your plants' roots, but placing the pot into a bag and gently tying the bag up around the stem. This will mean even if they do topple over. You've got it covered with a bag and can put the soil back in the pot when you are in your new home. 

Propagate to move house without damaging your plants 

If you have any plants you are particularly concerned about, why not propagate them first to give you plenty of chances to keep the plant growing. Also, if you have plants in the garden that you love or have sentimental value to, you why not take them with you? Dig them up, pot them or divide them, take cuttings or collect seeds. 

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