Fencing clever

Fences are the obvious choice for defining you garden's boundaries, and there's a great range of fencing panels and posts in our garden centre in Betchworth and Godstone to do just that.

But that's just one of dozens of different ways fences can transform your garden. Here are a few more:

Dividers: Create an air of mystery and make your garden seem larger than it really is by baffling the views
so you can't see it all at once: choose light, airy fences like high scalloped pickets.

Defining spaces: low fences are great for marking out areas like a vegetable patch. Choose from woven
willow hurdles, bamboo screening or log uprights.

Designer statements: sometimes fences are striking features in their own right. Horizontal slats are ultra-
modern, while low picket fences give a softer cottage garden look.

Screens: oil tanks and rubbish bins magically vanish behind fencing screens. You'll need a solid fence:
shadow box (two pickets behind each other) adds texture and plants grow up it easily.

Plant supports: trellis-style fences, either openwork or a shiplap panel topped with trellis, support your
plants and create a beautiful vertical backdrop.

Please ask the staff in our Betchworth and Godstone garden centre for more information and advice about fencing your garden.

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