Garden sanctuaries

There's something very romantic about being outdoors in the open air, but at the same time enclosed by plants. Pergolas and arbours provide a secluded spot for that dinner à deux – or just somewhere peaceful to drink your morning tea.

In our garden centre in Betchworth and Godstone you'll find a great choice of structures from sturdy timber pergolas to trelliswork arbours and elegant Victorian-style ironwork gazebos. Make the most of your garden sanctuary with our top tips:

Pergolas with purpose: wide, spacious pergolas against the wall of a house invite tables, chairs and a party atmosphere. Place your pergola over a central path, though, and it becomes a guide through your garden.

Block out high buildings: when you're overlooked by other buildings, pergolas and arbours provide the perfect solution, allowing you to sit in your garden in perfect privacy.

Clothe with plants: pergola posts and arbour roofs provide an ideal scramble-hold for climbing plants. There's a wide choice in our garden centre: crimson glory vine (Vitis coignetiae) turns vivid scarlet in autumn, evergreen star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) froths with heavenly white flowers; and clematis and roses twine into a romantic bower.

Please ask the staff in our Betchworth and Godstone garden centre for more information and advice about pergolas and arbours in your garden.

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